Technology Makes It Easier To Be A Small Fish In A Big Pond

"Technology has ushered in the most democratic age of business in human history."

The is a great article on how technology is what helps even the smallest business compete on a large scale.

Read about it....


by Jody Jankovsky | September 16, 2015 |

Written by Jody Jankovsky

Jody Jankovsky

Jody is a Managing Member and Founder of Black Line. Jody started in the software world at the age of 12, helping his dad test software in their garage. He understands that business people are busy doing what they excel at, which leaves little time to keep up with IT trends, decide what technology is best for them, and manage the people to make sure they’re getting the most out of it. That’s why he started Black Line, to give business people peace of mind that their technology was in good hands.

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