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  • March 25, 2020

  • Black Line Data Center (BLDC)



    What is it?

    The BLDC is a high performance alternative to your IT infrastructure located in your office.

    Black Line Managed

    • The BLDC is owned and operated by the Black Line team of professionals, not some large corporation
    • Since we own the BLDC, the $$$s are much lower than traditional data centers
    • Your technology and data are under the watch of Black Line and professionals you have come to trust with the heart of your business
    • Accessibility is not an issue, we don’t have layers of approval to maintain or gain access to your equipment. This is important when service is needed in a tight time frame

    We have the Internet bandwidth/performance to support your needs

    • With work from home and remote users at an all time high, we have high speed bandwidth to support even the largest businesses
    • We utilize a high speed fiber backbone to provide ultrafast connectivity

    When Technology fails you, we have the redundancy to keep you ru


    • Your IT infrastructure doesn’t have the redundancy we can offer
    • Our Internet fully is redundant, from different providers, to keep your team running in the event of a service outage
    • Reliable and fault tolerant N+1 power infrastructure, including long running battery systems and a natural gas fired generator in the event of power loss
    • Servers generate lots of heat, we also have redundant cooling systems to keep the place frosty

    Ensure only the right people are accessing your systems

    • Secure access to your systems and data
    • Key code access
    • 24x7x365 closed circuit video surveillance system
    • Security breach alarms

    Reach out to us

    We look forward to answering your questions. We are always available to provide any support you need.
    Let’s talk.