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  • March 20, 2023

  • SamaraCare Counseling Case Study

    Size (end users): 50 

    Industry: Healthcare 

    Case Study Title: "A 'life changing' IT experience"  

    Company synopsis: SamaraCare Counseling provides affordable mental health and counseling services to diverse populations. 

    Problem: SamaraCare worked with an unreliable IT provider before working with Black Line. When the SamaraCare team had issues and needed IT Support, their provider was often hard to reach and lacked timely responses. When problems were finally addressed, the solutions provided were "band-aids" and did not adequately address their problems' root causes. Their team's day-to-day operations were being continuously interrupted. Because they could not rely on their IT to help, the administrative staff worked after hours and weekends to work through the IT-related issues themselves.

    Solution: After SamaraCare brought Black Line on, their longstanding IT issues were addressed and resolved efficiently because we took the time to prioritize and walk through each of their challenges, quickly resulting in the number of IT issues dwindling. We streamlined many of their processes, secured their data, and connected all their offices to ensure continuity and uniformity from location to location, allowing their team to move between offices with ease. We also added an up-to-date server, upgraded their internet service to remediate their frequent experience with outages, helped with various components of their HIPAA compliance, and assisted with evaluating and implementing their new HER software. We even changed all SamaraCare's backup processes to accommodate a staff member who does her case notes late at night and still ensures everything is backed up and running smoothly every morning. 

    Results: After addressing the core of SamaraCare's longstanding technology headaches, we not only decreased their day-to-day hassles but are continuing to proactively maintain their environment and assist with day-to-day Support with a response SLA of 99.7% and 94.7% SLA for resolution. One of their Director's expressed that Black Line's IT services have been "life-changing" for the end users in their organization. 

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