Why Are Passwords So Important For Internet Safety?

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Passwords are something that every computer user will have to experience time and time again. “Should I use 10 characters?” “Should I add an exclamation point?” ”Should I use a different password than the other site?” Short answer: yes…please.

The most ideal password that you could have would be case sensitive, at least 10 characters, with letters, numbers, symbols, and anything else you could think of, but that’s really hard to remember. In addition, users will often have to change passwords because one of theirs is compromised, and it is common practice to change them regularly. Managing a great network of passwords is hard work, but it is necessary to maintain internet safety. So here are some pro tips:

Passwords Pro Tips


Credential Management Systems are all centered around holding private information and credentials behind a locked door that only people within your organization can access. Black Line and our clients use MyGlue by IT Glue which allows you to manage passwords, documents, checklists, and more. MyGlue comes with a mobile app and a chrome extension, so you don’t even have to type in your passwords anymore! However, the greatest feature is that MyGlue gives you the ability to customize your company’s application so that everyone in your organization sees your branding on the app.

Credential Management Systems remain the best option for professionals to keep their passwords safe. These systems generate fantastic passwords composed of letters, numbers, symbols, and everything in between. These systems also have checks in place that will monitor if one of your passwords has been compromised and notify you when it happens. Credential Management Systems make protecting your credentials from criminals easier than ever, but the only thing that can completely protect you from cyber criminals is knowledge and staying on top of the ever changing cyber environment is one thing that will come in handy as society becomes more automated.


Though the internet can seem like a dangerous place to conduct business, it does not have to be. With the help of thought leaders like Black Line IT and other Technology companies around the world, we can inform users on best practices and make it a little safer one person at a time.

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by Jody Jankovsky | January 10, 2023 |

Written by Jody Jankovsky

Jody Jankovsky

Jody is a Managing Member and Founder of Black Line. Jody started in the software world at the age of 12, helping his dad test software in their garage. He understands that business people are busy doing what they excel at, which leaves little time to keep up with IT trends, decide what technology is best for them, and manage the people to make sure they’re getting the most out of it. That’s why he started Black Line, to give business people peace of mind that their technology was in good hands.

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