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06 03, 2019

Women In Tech

Posted by Sneha Sareen | March 06, 2019 |

When we talk about major technological inventions and impacts, we almost always talk about the men like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. But women have always played a significant role in the evolution...

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04 02, 2019

Black Line Consulting is Now Black Line IT

Posted by Jake Jankovsky | February 04, 2019 |
We Changed Our Name!

As of January 2019, Black Line Consulting has officially been renamed Black Line IT

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15 01, 2019

HackTogether 2018 - Black Line IT's First Ever Hackathon!

Posted by Sneha Sareen | January 15, 2019 |


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31 12, 2018

AMI Acquisition Press Release

Posted by Jessica Mazany | December 31, 2018 |


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27 12, 2017

It's Probably Time To Ditch That Legacy Software System

Posted by Jessica Mazany | December 27, 2017 |

Do you have a legacy software system?

It may seem like an odd question, but many businesses don’t realize that they have one, or understand how expensive it is to use. A legacy software system, or...

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30 11, 2017

Investing in IT: Why Cheapest Isn't always the Best Option

Posted by Jessica Mazany | November 30, 2017 |

Decided To Build Instead Of Buy?

Selecting the right company to develop your software, app or website, or address other IT needs can be stressful. We’ve all heard horror stories about what happens...

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31 10, 2017

The Black Line Software Development Process

Posted by Jessica Mazany | October 31, 2017 |


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19 10, 2017

What Earning 5 Cents an Hour Taught Me About Properly Scoping a Software Project

Posted by Jody Jankovsky | October 19, 2017 |


Software creates infinite possibilities, so having a way to define what needs to be done and how to measure when it is done is vital to the success of the project. It’s taken me years to polish...

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01 09, 2017

Important Message: Loop Networks Merges With Black Line!

Posted by Jessica Mazany | September 01, 2017 |


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12 04, 2017

What’s the difference between a mobile app and a mobile responsive website?

Posted by Jessica Richards | April 12, 2017 |

If you own a business and want to create a product that can be used on mobile devices, what would you tell your web managers to create? The two most popular options for mobile devices are mobile...

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